5 Ways to Make your Apartment More Cozy

What is home? Home is where you go after a long day to find peace and comfort. It’s where you share coffee with your closest friends. It’s where you do homework and stay up late finishing that new show on Netflix! We love home and we understand that students may feel away from home when moving to college. So we put together 5 different ways to make you feel more at home!

1. Add plants to the room! Plants (real or fake) can make the room feel more alive and brighten up your space!

2. Photos of friends, family and your favorite places can make you feel less homesick and personalize your room!

3. Adding a rug can instantly transform your room and make it cozy and homey.

4. Mirrors can make your room appear larger and brighten the room by bouncing light back to give the illusion of depth.

5. Throw blankets, pillows and candles can be put just about anywhere to tie the room together and create the perfect oasis

We hope that will make you feel more at home! Below we have more resources to help you on your journey through college. Remember to enjoy the little things, make friends, and do what you makes you happy!

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